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Breakfast Club

Cereal, toast and orange juice are served and there are board games available to keep the children entertained!

The cost is £1 per child per day.

As of Monday 15th April 2013 there are some important changes to the Breakfast Club:

Glasgow City Council have approved an increase in the charge for breakfast to £1 per day. Pupils entitled to a free school meal will continue to receive breakfast for free.

The door from the playground, for the breakfast club will open at 8:00am and close at 8:20am. As always, parents will not be allowed into the dining hall. The dining staff will take a register of children as they arrive at the dining hall. There will be no adult presence in the playground until 8:45 am. Then the janitor will be in one yard and a pupil support assistant in the other.

Parents will have the option of having their children stay in the school dining hall until 9:00am with the dining assistants, or parents can give their permission for their child to be in the playground from 8:45am.  The dining assistants (if permission is given) will sign the children out into the yard. If you have not already signed the appropriate permission slip, please click here to access it. Only children with parental permission will be sent into the yard. When we have severe weather conditions we will keep all breakfast club children in the hall.

The children travelling on the school bus will be able to access the breakfast club on arrival and they will also need permission to go out when they have finished.