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School History

History of St Blane's Primary School


When St Blane's Primary school opened in 1975 it was known as Summerston R.C. Primary.  It is a Mark 2 open plan and was one of the first of its kind to be built, so it had visitors coming regularly to see how this type of open plan school could operate.

At this time the school was divided into 3 units.  One was occupied by the Catholic children from Summerston managed by an acting head teacher.  Another unit had non-denominational children again managed by an acting head teacher.  The third unit was an annexe to St Mary's managed by Brother Jerome who was the head teacher.

In October 1975 Miss Colette Sheridan was appointed to head teacher and was responsible for the Catholic children and the administration of the building.  Miss Sheridan remained in the post until her retiral.  Mrs Crotch was appointed head teacher of the non-denominational unit.  In December of that year two classes from the Summerston Unit returned to their own main building.

Since this structure was so unusual the head teachers were asked to organise a combined inaugural function and this took place on March 16th 1976.  The Director of Education, Mr Bain, was present along with Education Officers and 80 guests.  Archbishop Winning was represented on this occasion by Monsignor Gillespie.  However the Archbishop had visited the school on the 5th February.  On the 30th June the remaining classes from St Mary's returned to the main building.

On 1st February 1977 Summerston R.C. Primary officially became known as St Blane's Primary and on 27th June staff and children from the non-denominational sector moved out of St Blane's to Parkview and Caldercuilt respectively.


Information taken from the School Log Book.

1st February 2001